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Network Management

Networks are the single most important technology we deal with daily. Speed, Performance, Health and Coverage are just the beginning. We take network management to another level.
HAEPro is a partner with Araknis Networks and OVRC.com to manage, monitor and support today's most challenging network environments. Our Araknis networks are 45% faster on average than most others and have a 75% better up time than all other options.

Non-Invasive Support

Sometimes the smallest system issues can cause big problems, whether you’re watching late night TV or in the middle of a big party. Remote assistance means our techs can now investigate and fix common problems without needing to meet you at home. Firmware updates are common with today's security demands and ours are managed remotely and done with out inconvenience to the home or business.

Power Management

Remote Power Management allows us to monitor health track With our IP enabled surge protection and our OVRC software we can remotely cycle power on any device over the internet. Our surge protectors are connected to the cloud allowing us to reboot and cycle power with out the need for a service call. This provides faster solutions when items freeze up or need to reboot.

System Design & Reports

We create a design for all our networks, automation, security, A/V and lighting control solutions. Each Device has a purpose and a home. We provide a digital world to organize your technology information. Our solution will track health and performance along with monitoring patterns such as power spikes or certain times ISP issues arise.

Remote Assistance

Sometimes the smallest system issues can cause big problems, whether you’re watching late night TV or in the middle of a big party or possible your POS system is down, Remote assistance means we can now investigate and fix common problems without needing to meet you at your home or business. Many times a remote power cycle or firmware update is all that is needed.

Ongoing System Updates

Our remote management software helps keep your system up-to-date by providing us with a simple way to keep critical firmware up to date, HAEPro is notified when there is a network issue or a device falls off line. This allows us to get proactive immediatly to resolve the issue. Firmware upgrades are performed regularly behind the scenes making sure your safe and secure at all times.

Network Service Plans

Requires an HAEPro Managed Network System Learn More Here



Perfect for small homes or condos, The Basic monthly subscription allows us to monitor up to 75 devices on your network



Designed for small business or mid sized homes, this subscription service allows for us to monitor up to 150 devices on your network



Our business class solution is for medium sized business or larger homes. We will monitor up to 275 devices on your network

Service Features

Test Speed & Performance

Track ISP performance or use our Hub to scan and ping all IP devices for common LAN connection issues like device wiring or connection status.

Configure & Monitor All Devices

Access the local UI from a secure portal, grab device information through a quick scan, or receive critical notifications from any connected IP product in real-time.

Quick Summary of Network Health

View the number of connected or disconnected network devices, as well as any firmware updates available for each job location, or get a holistic picture of overall network performance.


Araknis Network Router

Built for superior performance, our 300-series routers include dual-Gigabit WANs that can be configured to load-balancing or link failover modes, extensive VPN support, plus an embedded firewall for wide-ranging network security. You also have the option to troubleshoot the device remotely through the cloud

Araknis Network Wireless Access Points

Thoroughly tested and designed with you in mind, these WAPs provide industry-leading speed, coverage, and reliability. Plus, its dynamic, sleek look blends into any environment with ease, while Fast Roaming capability allows for optimum performance in multi-WAP installs.

Araknis Network Switches

Available in 5-, 8-, 16- and 24-port options, and with focused feature sets, Araknis switches support a wide range of networking needs. All products are OvrC-enabled, with Unmanaged+, Websmart, Managed, and both Partial- and Full PoE+ options.

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Managed Pro Grade Network Network A Pro Package

Prograde Networks Starting at 2495.00

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Managed Pro Grade Network Network Business Package

Prograde Networks Starting at 3795.00

Our Price: $3,795.00
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Managed Pro Grade Network Network Corporate Package

Corporate Networks Starting at 4995.00

Our Price: $4,995.00
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