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Managed Services

One Company to manage all your small business technology demands.

Managed IT Services

POS systems, network cameras, music and other services all battle to be first inline for your network's bandwidth and that is before you add your guests who also are almost all streaming something on your network. We can manage, assign and control the bandwidth so each critical part of your business has what it needs to run efficiently 24/7. We remotely can manage update critical firmware and security updates remotely. Anything less

POS Support

POS Systems are only as good as the support that is behind them. We work regularly with many local POS reps such as Micros, Revel, Lavu, Positouch Touch, One POS. Aloha and more to help support and maintain their systems.

Digital Signage / Video Walls

We use the latest technology called MOiP (Media over IP) for commercial video walls and digital signage. MOiP allows for 4K video to be configured on the network and sent to any TV easily with our remote management software. Simplify the complex with the latest MOiP video solutions.

Managed Audio Solutions

A new way to manage system audio allowing for longer lasting, higher performance and stable systems. OvrC provides us remote access to the system, where we can update firmware, modulate the amplifier gain, select inputs, set clipping levels, power-cycle the unit, or check the status and temperature of the device. Mood music and other services available.

Control Solutions

Experience robust entertainment, lighting and temperature control – including video walls and distributed audio. Custom on screen graphics infuse your branding onto the user interfaces.

Surveillance Solutions

We provide world class, professional grade IP cameras systems starting at 2MP and going up to 4K Video. HAEPro solutions from 4 to 100 cameras are designed to easily monitor multiple locations easily from anywhere in the world with internet. Access and Apps for Apple, Android, Mac and Windows. 3 Year Warranty

Microphones and Paging

HAEPro offers custom microphone and paging solutions for restaurants and small business. Handheld Wired and Wireless solutions along with Wireless Headset and Desktop Solutions.

Automated Lighting

The quality of light in a bar or restaurant environment has a direct impact on customer experience, enjoyment, and loyalty.

Crisp, white light with superior color rendering makes food more appetizing by highlighting color and texture. Lighting quality helps drive restaurant sales. Low-voltage LED lighting systems reduce energy use, operating expense, and your restaurant’s environmental footprint.

Security Systems

Engineered for small and medium sized business owners, Smarter Business Security combines intelligent intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control and energy management into a single, cost-effective solution.

Access Control

Smarter Locks. Create unique lock codes for each user, and set a schedule to control when the codes can be used. You can limit access by day and time and by employee. You can also remotely unlock for contractors during off offers.

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