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Professional Programming Services

Certified Programmers

HAEPro offers world class custom Home Automation programming for the best brands in the business.

There are many levels of programming when dealing with today's most sophisticated home electronics.

We program Audio, Video, Home Theater,Lighting, Climate Control, Security and more.

urc programming services


We have been programming URC products for over 12 years. We are Certified and Authorized for all the latest IP technologies including the entire "Total Control" line up. We offer offsite programming for savvy people that need an update or a complete whole system for new construction. URC is an affordable choice that rivals their more expensive competitors.

Premium Control Devices

Total Control user interfaces are attractive and easy to operate for all family members. Elegant tabletop touchscreen controllers, in-wall touchscreens, handheld remotes and keypads combine to deliver premium smart home control. Mobile apps and voice control further elevate the experience.


URC is a reliable and affordable solution for commercial applications demanding intuitive yet simple control . Perfect for Restaurants, Bars, Breweries, Wineries, Retail, Boardrooms, Cathedrals and much more. We program these systems to be as simple as possible so that staff or employees can manage the system easily.

With our network and remote monitoring we can do simple updates remotely.

Simpler is Better

URC Total Control 2.0 is powerful enough for most of today's demands and can be programmed quickly and efficiently compared to most brands. The software still requires some expertise to navigate but can be done much quicker than other control solutions cutting costs.

Video Intercom

Custom Programming is the ability to make a system perform functions you need daily to work easily. Talk to people in other rooms or at your front door using built-in cameras and microphones on your Total Control tabletop controllers and in-wall touchscreens.

Room Menus

Access and control any room in your Total Control system with the convenient Rooms Menu. Enjoy quick access to electronics, lights, volume and more. This powerful menu offers robust personalization, including:

  • Room image customization
  • Menu style and color scheme
  • Variable room selection by user interface

The Rooms Menu can be programmed with actual photos of your room, making it easy for all family members to learn and use the system.

Favorite Channels

Quickly access your favorite TV programs with Favorite Channels. Even preview what’s playing before changing the channel. The new channel lineup populates automatically based on your zip code and service provider.

RTI Programming Services

150.00 Per Hour

RTI systems require professional programming to maximize the abilities of their amazing control products. We can push RTI to it's limits and watch their system stay solid for years. Robust control with elegant interfaces, we program RTI systems to do exactly what you want every time.


HAEPro can program all the wired and wireless solutions that RTI has to offer. Robust control for when it matters. Our programmers go through on going training to keep up on all the latest products that can be controlled. Products such as Audio/Video Systems, Climate Control. Security, Lighting, Shades, Home Theater, Automation and much more.

Crestron Programming Services

250.00 Per Hour

When only the best will do. Crestron is the world leader in premium control solutions. We work with some of the best engineers and programmers that take Crestron Systems to the next level. Specialized for luxury home, high-end commercial and government demands,

Ultimate Control

Governments require technology that is reliable, secure, and uncompromising in quality. Crestron is the top choice to meet the critical needs of government and military agencies seeking the ultimate in control system solutions. Our proven solutions seamlessly integrate the different technologies that command and operations teams count on to work together in complex situations.

Lights and Shading

Integrate lights and shades into a building management system with Crestron Fusion™ for a new level of energy efficiency, privacy and convenience. Meetings can get started in an instant with presets to lower the shades, dim the lights, and setup AV equipment at the touch of a button. Intelligent sensors can also adjust shades to allow or block daylight for optimal energy usage, making a building more efficient. Shades and lighting solutions are offered in a wide range of styles to suit any space.

Wireless Callaboration

Collaborate without leaving your seat-our simple and secure solutions are designed to help your team get more done. Crestron wireless technology allows multiple participants to view, control, and collaborate on a presentation using nearly any laptop or smart device. With multiple laptops able to connect simultaneously, it's easy to switch between presenters on the fly.

Call today to find out what is possible for custom programming and system design.