Pro-grade Managed Network Package Solutions
Perfect for Small to Medium Size Business or Medium-Large Size Homes

Pro-grade Managed Networks

Today we are literally online everyday in everyway. Cell phones, tablets, computers, Streaming services, cloud services, media devices, POS Systems, gaming, cameras, security and the list goes on. The most important part of your life in your home and/or business is your network. HAEPro offers an advanced solution with built in remote tech service to handle today's most demanding networks requirements.

A managed network is the safest way to keep your wired and wireless world running fast, safe and secure with minimal down time. Nothing is 100% because of internet service providers having their own issues at times. We can be proactive to create a reliable solution making sure that your most critical components are running smoothly when you need them most. From computers, printers and POS systems to home automation controllers, security systems and IP based cameras systems, it's a must to have these items be there when you need them.

Package Features

Router / Switches / Access Points

Our Ecosystem for the best networks on the market today

Power Management

Self Healing, Powerful, Network Controlled, Invaluable.

2 Year Service / Support

Discreet Remote Monitoring and Onsite Support.

The Router

The Araknis Networks® router is perfect for high traffic networks. It has 4 Gigabit LAN interfaces with full Gigabit LAN-LAN speed. The router is part of the OVRC remote monitoring eco-system and supports a plethora of VPN technologies to allow remote access to your network. Its the first in-line of our managed solutions.

Rack Mountable

At 1U in height and rack ears for rack mounting, the router follows our standard design and allows for multiple mounting options.

Embedded Firewall

An embedded firewall supports Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Denial of Service (DoS) prevention, WAN Request Blocking, and content filtering. Its layers of network security make it harder for hackers to attack so all your secrets stay secret.

VPN Support

If you need to remotely access the network via VPN, the router supports PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and OpenVPN technologies. OpenVPN is an easy, secure option that is backed up by the open source community.

4 Gigabit LAN

The router has an embedded 4 Gigabit switch on the LAN side. Use it to connect the router to multiple switches in the network or connect other devices to the router directly. The LAN side of the router supports full LAN-LAN Gigabit speed with Jumbo Frame support for better video streaming.

Dual WAN

This feature allows us to connect the client network to two different ISPs (for example: Cox and ATT&T) and have the WAN links configured either as load-balancing (i.e. active/active) or link failover (i.e. active/standby

Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding is something that is becoming more and more popular for camera systems, security and a variety of business services. HAEPro will set up a range of external ports with a single command.

Network Switches

Our Packages includes network switches to manage your needs and offer extreme flexibility. The POE smart switch (Power Over Ethernet) manages traffic and allocates bandwidth for different Items connected. The POE feature gives power to the Access Points and select remote switches for other location. Our line of switches come in a variety of sizes to accommodate even the most demanding network environments .

Access Points

Our WAPs provide faster wireless speeds and better signal reliability. Equipped with the latest AC wireless technology, this WAP offers faster network speeds than ever before — up to 1750 Mbps, while high TX power ensures proper coverage throughout your environment. You also get automatic dual-band steering between 2.4 and 5 GHz bands for optimal performance. Add in our remote management and you have a WAP that can’t be beat.


This access point is designed for high traffic and supports up 1750 Mbps which is triple the speed over most solutions. Supports all WiFi signals including 802.11 AC, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz providing the best user experience possible

Fast Roaming

Fast Roaming allows for a quick and seamless transition between multiple wireless access points. The location-based triangulation helps determine the closest and strongest AP, then automatically connects your device.


Our WAPs are powered by the POE network switch over a single CAT5/6 wire. This allows for clean installations with out power supplies or transformers. Clean and easy.

Managed Power

More than just great surge protection for your network we offer a new kind of power management service. Our line of surge protection offers a way for us to remotely manage quick fix solutions . We can remotely cycle power on critical devices and reduce service calls. Battery Back UP UPS Solutions available for upgrade but not included.

A New Kind of Service

HAEPro will service and support the network for 2 years. This includes monitoring all devices on the network, providing all firmware updates for network hardware and provide proactive service such as health checks and speed tests.


HAEPro monitors the health of your network, checks speeds plus configure and monitor all devices on the network. With our software we keep all network firmware and updates done in real time remotely with out the need for a service call. We can view all the connected and disconnected devices and are alerted in real time when critical devices go down. This allows us to be proactive and find solutions before problems get serious.

Remote Support

We got you covered. HAEPro is never far away with our OVRC remote management abilities. This allows us to be connected 24/7 to help with your system.

Device Status – View the number of online and offline devices and make sure critical devices are online and running smoothly.  


More than a warranty, our products are backed by a advanced rapid replacement program. This means HAEPro can overnight a replacement product and call tag for a faulty item with no cost to you. No shipping or expedited expenses are billed to you if a product fails. How it should be. We work fast to make sure we get things handled quickly and painlessly. HAEPro will even provide a loaner peace as needed.

Network Products carry 2 Year Warranty

Power Products carry 5 Year Warranty





1 Router

1 POE Smart Switch 8 Port

1 Gigabit Switch 16 Port

2 Indoor WAPS

1 IP Surge Protector 5 Outlet

1 OVRC Network Monitoring Tool

Monitor up to 75 Devices

Full Service for 2 Years




1 Router

1 POE Smart Switch 8 Port

1 Gigabit Switch 24 Port

3 Indoor WAPS

1 IP UPS Surge Protector 8 Outlet

1 OVRC Network Monitoring Tool

Monitor up to 150 Devices

Full Service for 2 Years




1 Router

1 POE L2 Smart Switch 16 Port

2 L2 Smart Switch 24 Port

5 Indoor WAPS

1 IP UPS Surge 8 Outlet

1 OVRC Network Monitoring Tool

Monitor up to 275 Devices

Full Service for 2 Years


HAEPro can design a network tailored to your unique needs and demands. We can help with multiple locations , larger systems with more devices or what ever your unique requirements are. We also have high speed outdoor WAPs (Wireless Access Points) if needed.  

Network Management has never been easier with HAEPro.

Add-On Suggestions


We can swap out or add high powered access points that are completely weather proof. These WAPs are designed to be outside in the elements and blend seamlessly in our network ecosystem. Get reliable signal and fast internet speeds in your most important outdoor spaces.


Our systems are designed to be in an equipment rack to help keep the system running for long periods of time. Racks are a great way to manage your components and keep them organized and healthy. Racks come in variety of sizes and can hold much more electronics than the networking gear.


HAEPro can provide all your wires and patch cables along with any other low voltage materials needed for the network. We have Ethernet Wire CAT6 in every color you could possibly need along with custom length ethernet patch cables to connect the entire


Our techs support San Diego and surrounding areas for full installation. We can wire up, hookup and install what ever low voltage electronics you may need. We do much more than networks. HAEPro will be happy to provide on-site walk throughs to come up with a quote at no cost or obligation.

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